Other Services

We also provide:

Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation 

Public-private partnerships (PPP) for environmental services

Value chain analysis (VCA) for natural resources

Natural resource and livelihood analysis

Waste Water Management Planning

Hydrogeological Surveys

Feasibility Studies

Solid Waste Management Planning

Noise Pollution/ Excessive Vibrations Analysis

Air Quality Chemical Analysis

Air quality, as conferred in section 92 and 147 of the Environmental Management and Coordination Act, CAP 387, ensures protection of human health and the environment from the adverse effects of toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials. The regulation applies to the manufacturing, exportation, importation, transportation, handling, usage and disposal of hazardous chemicals.

Soil Quality Biochemical analysis

 The approaches used to investigate the soil bio-data and its biochemistry usually have to be modified or adapted depending upon the purpose of the investigation. AWEMAC works with a number of accredited laboratories in order to carry out the various soil analysis depending on the project being worked on.

Water Quality and Effluent Analysis

 Guided by the various local and international guidelines, AWEMAC, through various accredited laboratories carries out water quality and effluent analysis and advises the clients accordingly.

Technical Feasibility Studies

 AWEMAC conducts feasibility studies to evaluate and analyze the potential of a proposed project, which is based on extensive investigation and research to support the process of decision-making. Feasibility studies aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of a proposed venture, opportunities and threats present in/to the environment, the resources required to carry through and ultimately the prospects for success.

Risk Assessments, Fire Safety and Occupational Health & Safety Audits

As per the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSHS), AWEMAC conducts the above audits to its clients to ensure compliance. The relevant site visits are done, reports compiled and submitted to the authority and client for records and actions, respectively.

Green Infrastructure Advisory Services

Green infrastructure is an environmentally friendly technique that is slowly taking shape in the construction of infrastructure projects in the world. It mainly involves the selection and installation of the right plant boxes, heat absorbing pavements and the planting of selected trees and flowers in the rural and urban areas which in turn improve the quality of air in those areas. Our experts provide advisory of the right plants, flowers and technologies to use to ensure environmental sustainability. We also advise on sustainable technologies on wildlife management/ conservation for infrastructure planned in sensitive ecological areas/ bio-diversity hotspots.

Environmental Resource Surveys and GIS mapping

 AWEMAC uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in countless natural resources applications. These applications can be categorized as planning or management, process modelling, inventory and assessment. Within these categories, spatial analysis using GIS enables end-users to have information for decision-making. Our approach to measuring, monitoring and analyzing the natural resources in these landscapes combines the best aspects of heuristic photo interpretation with feature mapping and object-based classification.

Some of the areas we major in are.

  1. Remote sensing and GIS services for conservation.
  2. Assistance in applications utilizing GIS data and analysis.
  3. Forestry and conservation easements.
  4. Land use mapping and international development.
  5. Vegetation and habitat mapping.
  6. Wildlife Mapping.
  7. Pollution Analysis.
  8. Marine Resource Mapping.
  9. Landslides Analysis.
  10. Transmission and pipeline corridor analysis.
  11. Watershed analysis and river monitoring.
  12. Thermal imaging and wildlife surveys.
  13. Invasive species detection and mapping.
  14. Training in local use of aerial digital imagery and geographic information systems.
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