Projects Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

AWEMAC as a firm also offers monitoring and evaluation services to our clients to enable them to assess the quality and impact of their project, against the set action plans and strategic plans. AWEMAC designs M&E systems for numerous projects for instance road, water, electrical infrastructure etc. and we are continuously involved with the project right from the stage where it is on paper to the point where it is implemented and running. Our M&E services are especially useful for:

  • Setting up systems for data collection during the planning phases of a project or organization;
  • Analyzing data collected through the monitoring process;
  • Ensuring that a project/organization is running/working efficiently and effectively;
  • Evaluating what impact(s)a project/work is having which is a continuous process throughout the project cycle including the commissioning/implementation stage.
  • If donors/financiers ask for an external evaluation of your projects/organizations work.