Processing of Government Regulatory Environmental Permits/Licenses

It is our intention that our clients undergo the fewest inconveniences in the course of running their enterprises. To this end, we effectively and promptly offer services for processing regulatory licenses and permits issued by NEMA, ERC, Planning Departments, or other regulatory bodies. These include:

  •  EIA Licenses.
  • Audit compliance approvals.
  • Decommissioning of Sites Compliance Certificates.
  • Effluent discharge licenses.
  • Waste Management, Transporters, Incinerators and Recyclers Licenses.
  • Import/ Export of Controlled Substances Licenses.
  •  Noise Permits.
  • Air & Stack Emission Compliance Certificate.
  • Access to Genetic Resources Permits.
  • Trans-Boundary Movement of Waste Permits.
  • Storage Permits for Hydrocarbons, Hazardous Materials and Explosives.
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