Resettlement Action Planning (RAP)

Resettlement occurs as a result of project-related land acquisition, permanent or temporary, and restrictions on community use of land and associated natural and customary resources. The disruption or displacement can be physical and/or economic, and voluntary or involuntary

AWEMAC designs and implements RAP’s for various infrastructural development projects like roads, power transmission lines, dams, industries, irrigation and agricultural projects, large-scale housing, re-afforestation, etc.

Our detailed services address the following essential components of RAP’s:

  • Identification of project impacts and affected populations;
  • A legal framework for land acquisition and compensation;
  • A compensation framework;
  • A description of resettlement assistance and restoration of livelihood activities;
  • A detailed budget;
  • An implementation schedule;
  • A description of organizational responsibilities;
  • A framework for public consultation, participation, and development planning;
  • A description of provisions for redress of grievances; and
  • A framework for monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.