Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) for Environmental Services

The rapid increase in urban population in the counties around the country, has placed a large strain on governments, both local and national, to meet citizens basic needs. Many governments are finding that their existing water, sanitation and energy Infrastructures are unable to service their rapidly expanding populations. In addition, governments realize that their limited financial resources are not sufficient to cover the needed expansion of these services. Even where governments do find the resources to subsidize public utilities, service is often still poor and sectors of the population largely unserved.

AWEMAC assists in finding Solutions to the above predicaments through creation of Public-Private Partnerships PPPs where we link the Public Players (for instance County Governments) with Private actors (Private Businesses, NGOs, CBOs)

Through PPPs, the advantages of the private sector: innovation, access to finance, knowledge of technologies, managerial efficiency, and entrepreneurial spirit are combined with the social responsibility, environmental awareness, and local knowledge of the public sector in an effort to solve urban problems.