AWEMAC is one of the lead environmental consultancy firms in Kenya. The firm and its associate members have so far undertaken approximately 1800 consultancy works in areas of Integrated Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (IESIA), Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA), Environmental Audits (EA), Resettlement Action Planning and other general environmental assignments. AWEMAC has a Board of Directors, Head of Environmental Consultancy, Head of Training and HR, and over 15 Associate Members. The AWEMAC secretariat is headed by an office manager and has a team of able administrative staff. The associate members are professionals who are assigned jobs according to their areas of specialization on short-time, long-time and full-time basis.

We have taken part in some of the major projects in different sectors, these include: 

Housing and Commercial Complexes/Infrastructure Sector

Commercial Developments Environmental Audits

Water, Sanitation and Agricultural Infrastructure Sector

Mining and Quarrying Projects

Railway/Roads and General Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure Sector

Environmental Due Diligence Services

Noise Pollution/Excessive Vibration Analysis

Health/ Hospital Sector

Processing and Manufacturing Sector

Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs)

Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs)

Feasibility Studies Projects

Solid Waste Management Consultancy and Training

Strategic Planning, Master plan Development and Community Development Plans

Waste Water Discharge Permits and Management Technologies

Environmental Training experience

Projects Monitoring and Evaluation (M&eE) / Health and Safety Services