1. Environmental and Social Safeguards for the Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Project (KIEP) by the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development (2021).
  2. Development of a Gender Policy for Lot 3 Annuity Road Project (Modogashe-Habasweini-Samatar and Rhamu to Mandera highways) for the Kenya National Highways Authority (2020).
  3. Development of a Climate Change Policy for LOT 3 Annuity Road Projects for Modogashe- Habasweini- Samatar & Rhamu- Mandera Roads for KeNHA (2020).
  4. ESMP update and license renewal for the Rupingazi Small Hydro Power Project in Embu for Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) (2020).
  5. Development of Livelihood Restoration Plan; Community Management Plan; Stakeholder Engagement Plan; Grievance Redress Mechanism; and Land Management Plan for Kopere Solar Park Project (2019).
  6. Development of ESMP and VMGP for 80km 132 Kv Machakos-Mwala-Ekalakala Transmission Line and Substation Extension at Kyeni, Mwingi for Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) (2019).
  7. Development of ESMP and VMGP for 60km 220 Kv Malindi-Kilifi Transmission Line and Substation Extension at Malindi for Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) (2019).
  8. Kisumu Urban Projects (KUP) Building and Civil Works Projects (2019).
  9. Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Grievance Redress Mechanism for Vipingo LPG Project under Vipingo Development Ltd (2019).
  10. Development of Chyulu Hills Water Towers’ Community Development Action Plan (2015).
  11. Development of Shimba Hills Water Tower’s Community Development Action Plan (2015).
  12. Development of the Community Livelihood Development Forum (COLDF)- NGO Strategic Plan of 2007-2011.

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