Energy Infrastructure Sector Environmental Impact Assessments

  1. ESIA and RAP for interconnection Transmission Line from Menengai (Rongai) in Kenya to Mwanza in Tanzania via Kilgoris under the Kenya Tanzania Power Interconnection Project (KTPIP) for Studio ing.g. Pietrangeli (2020)
  2. ESIA for Ragati Small Hydro Power (2.4 MW) Project on River Ragati, Kiangai Location, Kirinyaga County (2020)
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment Study, Resettlement Action Plan and Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups Plan for 80KM 132KV Machakos-Mwala-Ekalaekala and 60KM 220KV Malindi Kilifi transmission lines and substations at Kyeni, Mwingi and Malindi. (2019)
  4. ESIA for the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Plant and Auxiliary facilities on a portion of plot L.R No.4393/III/MN/ Vipingo area Kilifi County (2019).
  5. ESIA for commercial development including a filling station on plot LR. No. 5025/97 in Vipingo, along Mombasa-Malindi Highway, Kilifi County (2018)
  6. ESIA for Preliminary Grid connection study for 40MW solar power plant project, Katoteni Area. (2018)
  7. ESIA for Chemosit Small Hydropower Project in Chemosit, Kericho County – Kenya (2017)
  8. ESIA for the Kopere Solar Park Project (2017)
  9. Development of Kenya’s Oil and gas master plan: In assessing the environmental and socials concerns associated with Oil and Gas development. Assignment was done in collaboration with PwC and Channoil Consultants. 2014- 2015
  10. ESIA for Rupingazi 2.0 MW Small Hydropower Project for the Kenya Tea Development Agency Power Limited: 2015
  11. ESIA for petroleum and gas depot in Industrial Area, Nairobi for Hass Petroleum Limited. 2015
  12. ESIA for Kenya Power and Lighting Company transmission line project (132 KV line, Lessos – Kabarnet – Marigat – Rumuruti –Nanyuki) – 2009


  1. Annual Environmental Audit for Hass Petroleum Limited (2017)
  2. Occupational Safety and Health Audit for Hass Petroleum Limited (2017)
  3. Fire Safety Audit for Hass Petroleum Limited (2017)
  4. Initial and Annual Environmental Audits for Gulf Petrol Stations in Kenya– 2008-2015
  5. Initial and Annual Environmental Audits for all Hass Petrol Stations – 2008-2014
  6. Annual Environmental Audits for SAI Service Station, Kisumu -2011-2014
  7. Annual Environmental Audits for Kenol Kobil Nairobi Joint Depot-2008-2013
  8. Annual Environmental Audits for Eleven Gulf Energy Limited petrol stations(2012-2013)
  9. Annual Environmental Audits for Engen Petrol Stations and the Engen Warehouse, -2008-2015
  10. Annual Environmental Audits for Decommissioning of Camps for the Tullow Oil’s BGP North Kerio Camp
  11. Environmental safety and Fire Audits for Three Kenol and Three Kobil Stations in Mombasa for Kenol Kobil Limited-2010-2014

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